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D9.3.1 - Initial Training Materials

Deliverable D9.3.1

A success of any platform, either commercial or research-based, cannot solely rely on the exhibited functionality, which obviously constitutes a main differentiation point, as such functionality needs to be complemented with sufficient documentation and training materials which explicate the way this functionality can be exploited in the context of the user goals and requirements. Otherwise, the user will get lost in the overwhelm of features and capabilities of the respective platform and eventually resort to another solution which is better documented...


To this end, the purpose of this deliverable is to provide an initial but enough set of material which will indicate the way the PaaSage platform can be utilized in accordance to its development status. The latter also justifies the term "initial" as the initial functionality of the platform will not be as extended and sophisticated as possible as in its final release. A variety of material is provided, from instructions on how to deploy and configure the PaaSage platform or its modules, to the description of the platform's components, to detailed processes on how users can specify their requirements in Camel in order to be exploited by the platform according to the user purposes and goals, and down to the ways the PaaSage's SN can be utilized in order to achieve some particular user tasks, such as the discovery and sharing of critical knowledge which could be exploited in the management of multi-cloud applications. As different users might have different goals in exploiting the platform and as an organization is made up of different types of users, the presented material is able to target a variety of user types in the context of the possible exploitation scenarios of the platform which include: (a) exploitation of a running PaaSage platform for managing multi-cloud applications and (b) extension of the platform in order to produce an added-value product which can make a differentiation in the market. The targeted user types include: (1) business users which are guided in expressing business requirements and organizational information in Camel, (2) application developers which can utilize the provided documentation in order to express application requirements as well as discover and share application design knowledge, (3) software engineers which are supplied with useful information towards extending the platform in order to produce added-value functionality, and (4) system administrators which are guided in deploying and configuring the PaaSage platform. In addition, the provided guide in using the SN can be exploited by any type of user with the desire to discover and share any type of knowledge which can be deemed useful towards the managing of multi-cloud applications. The PaaSage platform is under continuous development but it will stabilize into a final prototype at M45 with the development of the respective modules to end at M36. In this way, it will be possible to finalize the existing material that is presented in this document as well as provide additional material which could indicate new ways to exploit the platform based on the extended or novel capabilities exhibited by the final prototype. Such a material will also highlight the success under which the use-cases have been addressed by the platform as well as the main benefits and differentiation points of the platform. Such a material will also be extensive and clear enough to cover all possible exploitation and utilization details such that no respective inquiries and questions will need to be asked by potential exploiters of the platform. All this material will be incarnated in the next and final version of this deliverable named as "D9.3.2 - Final Training Material and Workshop Product Launch" and due in M45.

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