Public services use case

By Frode Finnes Larsen, VP Products EVRY Norway

Organisation behind the Case

The company

EVRY is the largest IT company in Norway and the second largest IT services company in the Nordic region. With 10,000 employees, EVRY delivers daily IT services from 50 Nordic towns and cities for more than 14,000 public and private sector customers.

Public sector

EVRY is investing heavily in services to the public sector. Currently we support Swedish and Norwegian municipalities and counties, as well as many government agencies. Through innovation, technology and close partnerships, we're working with government to help them deliver services more efficiently and improve access for those who need it most.

Around 1 million Norwegian citizens use services delivered by EVRY each day. According to EVRY's estimates virtually the entire Norwegian population has used IT services delivered by EVRY over the course of each week.



The public sector is facing a huge demographic challenge in Europe: our population is getting older, living longer, and requiring care for more extended periods. On top of this, there are the challenges of rising costs and economic crises.

Part of the solution lies in increased efficiency: the public sector must deliver more services using fewer resources. Technology, automation and self-service will play a crucial role in this.

In Norway we have 428 municipalities. These government bodies are autonomous: a huge number have their own legacy systems and have different ways of delivering the same service. Their systems are not harmonised and public interactions often require case-by-case management. The different legacy systems are heavily integrated into other systems and registers. Some services experience high-volume demand only once or twice a year. Privacy is becoming an important issue for the public sector: data must be stored nationally or within the EU.

The public sector needs a platform that supports the use of different clouds while reducing technology dependencies and orchestrating multiple data sources, governance and control.

The case

EVRY are developing a framework for self service and automation of public sector. The PaaSage technology will be tested and verified through implementing selected services in the PaaSage plattform.


EVRY’s motivation to participate in the research project is to build first hand knowledge on advanced cloud architecture in order to handle expected complexity in the cloud in the future. EVRY’s commitment to the society is also anchored in our mission statement; "We bring information to life, creating value for our customers to the benefit of society"

Expected benefit for our use case:

  • reducing platform and vendor dependencies
  • supporting adoption of cloud, thereby reducing costs and providing extra power only when needed
  • managing data privacy
  • managing multiple data sources and simplifying the handling of external data sources
  • managing governance and control at design-time, deploy-time and run-time
  • improving services by automatically monitoring application behavior
  • migrating legacy applications to a cloud environment

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