PaaSage for CAE

ASCS & PaaSage: Multicloud and CAE

Watch how PaaSage helps Computer Aided Engineering applications.

The classical use of CAE can be very cost intensive due to license and hardware costs. Systems suppliers (Tier 1) and engineering service providers (also SMEs) are owners of small clusters with limited resources but with increasing and variable need to HPC access. Having an internal cluster is too expensive especially for parts suppliers (Tier 2, SMEs). Therefor they use simple workstations or engage an engineering service provider. This is only practical for small simulation problems and is limiting SMEs in their innovative creativity. Using cloud for CAE could be a solution to them to stay competitive in the market. However, cloud infrastructures are not standardised, porting an application from local to a cloud platform or switching an application from one cloud to another is a very challenging task. The access to a flexible cloud environment through PaaSage could avoid the vendor-lock-in and minimize the hurdle for SMEs to use CAE on cloud. To this day research and development (R&D) departments of the OEMs use their own internal HPC cluster to perform their simulations. At the moment there is a policy of OEMs with extreme protection of their engineering data outside their company. PaaSage is able to cope with HPC clouds, licensing software and licensing servers with good practices for security. The use of PaaSage for cloud CAE application can simplify the virtual collaboration between OEMs and suppliers (SMEs) e.g. when the whole CAE process from the pre-processing to the post-processing is done on the cloud. There will be no effort for transmitting large data sets between companies and the computing with CAE clouds is reliable and trustable.

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