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D5.1.1 Prototype Executionware/ Prototype New Execution Engine s

Deliverable D5.1.1

The Executionware constitutes a fundamental part of the entire PaaSage system and its architecture. On the one hand, it is responsible for bringing applications to execution that have been modelled and configured in PaaSage - Upperware component. On the other hand, the Executionware is responsible for monitoring the execution of each individual instance of a component - taking features of the respective cloud providers into account. This document presents an overview and documentation for the first prototype of the PaaSage Executionware implementation...

It states the functional scope of that prototype with respect to the architecture. It also introduces technologies the Executionware is built upon and describes the main Executionware modules, namely the Executionware frontend and the Executionware time-series database. The former serves as the primary access point for higher layers of the PaaSage architecture, mainly the Upperware. The latter collects and accumulates monitoring data and feeds it back to the meta-data database. This document clarifies the implementation status of the M18 prototype: The Executionware is able to receive and process deployment information from the Upperware. It is capable of deploying an application to a single cloud which is either an instance of OpenStack or Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The M18 prototype further installs a series of sensors with each deployed application and evaluates monitoring data from a dedicated source, e.g. CPU load according to a pre-defined metric. Finally, the evaluated monitoring information is fed back to the meta-data database. In addition to defining and describing the basic functionality of the M18 prototype, this document investigates the extendibility of the Executionware with respect to data farming and workflow processing. In particular, it clarifies the motivation for specialised flavours for dedicated Executionware entities and defines the roadmap to their integration into the final version of PaaSage’s Executionware.

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