Project deliverables



The PaaSage project is delighted to announce the publication of its first publicly available deliverable. This document describes in detail the four PaaSage use cases that will provide the testing ground for PaaSage in a variety of environments and scenarios. Specifically, it addresses the particular requirements for each use case as well as their motivations for adopting the Cloud-based models...


The use cases are based in the following diverse areas:

  • flight scheduling
  • industrial enterprise resource planning
  • electronic portal for citizen city 
  • resource intensive simulations including the automotive domain

The deliverable aims to capture the requirements in a way that they can be tested and validated by stakeholders. In order to achieve this, each specific use case is mapped onto the general abstract PaaSage workflow. Through this step, the requirements are, on the hand, explicitly mapped onto the different steps of the generic workflow designed by PaaSage, and it is, on the other hand, possible to provide an early assessment of the validity and general applicability of the approach proposed by PaaSage.

 As the PaaSage system evolves, it will be necessary to re-assess some of the requirements and match the use cases with the architectural and technological decisions and developments. This deliverable will therefore reflect this evolution, being used project-internally as a “living-document”. The final requirements deliverable of WP6, D6.1.2, will document the results accordingly and again be publicly available.

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