Publications: 2015

Business-Oriented Evaluation of the PaaSage Platform

AUTHORS: Achilleas P. Achilleos, Georgia M. Kapitsaki, Eleni Constantinou, Geir Horn, George A. Papadopoulos


Cloud computing is an efficient and cost effective realization of the utility function principle. Over the last years, a vast pool of choices for businesses has been created. This diversity of cloud infrastructures, platforms, and tools creates several challenges. In particular, it hinders interoperability, promotes vendor lock-in, but more importantly prevents businesses from making informed and optimal decisions when transitioning to the cloud. This paper presents the results of a business-oriented evaluation for cloud computing in the industry in Cyprus. The evaluation confirms that a set of key features is important for overcoming the above challenges and enables businesses to exploit the full potential of the cloud. Finally, PaaSage, a platform for autonomic multi-cloud deployment addressing these key features, is shortly presented.

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