Publications: 2015

Cloud Application Modelling and Execution Language (CAMEL) and the PaaSage Workflow

AUTHORS: Alessandro Rossini


The PaaSage project delivers a platform to support the modelling, execution, and automatic adaptation of multi-cloud applications (i.e., applications deployed across multiple private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructures). In order to cover the necessary aspects of the modelling and execution of multi-cloud applications, PaaSage adopts the Cloud Application Modelling and Execution Language (CAMEL). In particular, PaaSage leverages upon CAMEL models that are progressively refined throughout the modelling, deployment, and execution phases of the PaaSage workflow. By leveraging upon CAMEL models not only at design-time but also run-time, PaaSage enables self-adaptive multi-cloud applications (i.e., multi-cloud applications that automatically adapt to changes in the environment).

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