Publications: 2015

Support for Scientific Workflows in a Model-based Cloud Platform

AUTHORS: Maciej Malawski, Bartosz Balis, Kamil Figiela, Maciej Pawlik, Marian Bubak


HyperFlow is a workflow engine that enables to execute tasks of scientific workflows on the available computing resources (e.g. Virtual Machines in a cloud). PaaSage is a model-based cloud platform to provision resources, deploy the application and automatically scale them according to the application demands. One of the challenges is to design the interplay mechanism between the application-specific workflow scheduler in HyperFlow with the generic provisioning and autoscaling components of PaaSage in a generic way. Here we report on our current developments in integrating HyperFlow applications with PaaSage, outline the architecture of the proposed solution, present the CAMEL model of the application and the prototype status. The main conclusion is that thanks to the model-based approach proposed by PaaSage it is possible to modularize the workflow application and make its components easily deployable across multiple clouds.

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