Publications: 2015

Optimising Multi-Cloud Deployments with Security Controls as Constraints

AUTHORS: Philippe Massonet, Jesus Luna, Alain Pannetrat, Ruben Trapero


The increasing number of cloud service providers (CSP) is creating opportunities for multi-cloud deployments, where components are deployed across different CSP, instead of within a single CSP. Selecting the right set of CSP for a deployment then becomes a key step in the deployment process. This paper argues that deployment should take security into account when selecting CSP. This paper makes two contributions in this direction. First the paper describes how industrial standard security control frameworks may be integrated into the deployment process to select CSP that provide sufficient levels of security. It also argues that ability to monitor CSP security should also be considered. The paper then describes how security requirements may be modelled as constraints on deployment objectives to find optimal deployment plans. The importance of using cloud security standards as a basis for reasoning on required and provided security features is discussed.

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