Publications: 2014

Scalable entity-based summarization of web search results using MapReduce

Ioannis Kitsos, Kostas Magoutis, Yannis Tzitzikas


Although Web Search Engines index and provide access to huge amounts of documents, user queries typically return only a linear list of hits. While this is often satisfactory for focalized search, it does not provide an exploration or deeper analysis of the results. One way to achieve advanced exploration facilities exploiting the availability of structured (and semantic) data in Web search, is to enrich it with entity mining over the full contents of the search results. Such services provide the users with an initial overview of the information space, allowing them to gradually restrict it until locating the desired hits, even if they are low ranked. This is especially important in areas of professional search such as medical search, patent search, etc. In this paper we consider a general scenario of providing such services as meta-services (that is, layered over systems that support keywords search) without a-priori indexing of the underlying document collection(s). To make such services feasible for large amounts of data we use the MapReduce distributed computation model on a Cloud infrastructure (Amazon EC2). Specifically, we show how the required computational tasks can be factorized and expressed as MapReduce functions. A key contribution of our work is a thorough evaluation of platform configuration and tuning, an aspect that is often disregarded and inadequately addressed in prior work, but crucial for the efficient utilization of resources. Finally we report experimental results about the achieved speedup in various settings.

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