Publications: 2013

Models@Runtime to support the Iterative and Continuous Design of Autonomous Reasoners

AUTHORS: Franck Chauvel, Nicolas Ferry, Brice Morin, Alessandro Rossini and Arnor Solberg

In Proceedings of MRT 2013: 8th International Workshop on Models@run-time at MODELS 2013: ACM/IEEE 14th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems. Ed. by Nelly Bencomo, Robert France, Sebastian Götz and Bernhard Rumpe. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2013.


N/Modern software systems evolve in a highly dynamic and open environment, where their supporting platforms and infrastructures can change on demand. Designing and operating holistic controllers able to leverage the adaptation capabilities of the complete software stack is a complex task, as it is no longer possible to foresee all possible environment states and system configurations that would properly compensate for them. This paper presents our experience in using models@runtime to foster the systematic design and evaluation of self-adaptive systems, by enabling the coevolution of the reasoning engine and its environment. This research was carried out in the context of the \diversify project, which explores how bio-diversity can be used to enhanced the design of self-adaptive mechanisms.

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