Publications: 2013

Managing multi-cloud systems with CloudMF

AUTHORS: Nicolas Ferry, Franck Chauvel, Alessandro Rossini, Brice Morin and Arnor Solberg.

In Proceedings of NordiCloud 2013: 2nd Nordic Symposium on Cloud Computing and Internet Technologies. ACM, 2013, pp. 38–45. ISBN: 978-1-4503-2307-9.


Dynamically adaptive systems (DAS) enable the continuous design and adaptation of complex software systems, but their main focus is limited to the application itself rather than the underlying platform and infrastructure. Cloud computing, in contrast, enables the management of the complete software stack, but it lacks integration with software engineering approaches, techniques, and methods from DAS. Model-based approaches have been successfully adopted for modelling DAS at design-time and facilitate their adaptation at run-time. Therefore, a natural next step is to adopt model-based approaches to enable cloud-based DAS. In this paper, we present the Cloud Modelling Framework (CloudMF), a model-based framework that addresses this issue. It consists of (i) a tool-supported domain-specific modelling language to model the provisioning and deployment of multi-cloud systems, and (ii) a models@run-time environment for enacting the provisioning, deployment and adaptation of these systems.

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