Project deliverables

D1.7.1-Analysis and Specification of the Evaluation Framework

Deliverable D1.7.1

This document outlines the specification of the PaaSage evaluation framework at the end of the second year of the project. The deliverable describes the PaaSage evaluation framework that defines two complementary evaluation processes: (i) the core evaluation process and (ii) a secondary evaluation process...


The core evaluation process is based on the well-known and widely-used Technology Acceptance Model, which is adopted, modified and extended in this work to address and evaluate the realisation of the project objectives and requirements. The evaluation factors of the extended model are defined and explained, including also the definition of the evaluation criteria. The secondary evaluation process will only be used if it is deemed necessary by the consortium, so as to complement the core process. This can serve as a complementary evaluation method, principally because of the significance of the software tools in the PaaSage platform. Finally, we outline the steps for executing the evaluation, collecting and analysing the results at the end of year 2 and year 3 of the project.

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